Media Conversions attended DroidConII!

I presented two talks at DroidCon and have converted the slides used to .pdf files for those who are interested.
When I have time I'll add written notes so that you can better understand the slide contents.
Droid Building with CNC Cut Styrene Parts - with Frank Pirz
3D Printed Droid Parts - with Frank Pirz & Andrew Radovich

Here are links to some of the other talks given at DroidConII
Soldering Workshop DroidCon Style and DroidCONuino Build - with Mike Erwin
Royal Engineers of Naboo After Hours Presentation - with Mike Erwin
Introduction to Servos and Motor Controllers - with Scott Gray

As part of DroidCon, there was a field trip to the Indianapolis Museum, Star Wars "Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit.
I've put the 200 pictures I took of the exhibits into a .zip file that you can download. For now, there's no organization, you get all of them.