Health Hazards of Solvent Glues Commonly used for Building R2

I'm posting the following information so that R2 Builders, particularly ones that are involving younger children, are aware of the potential hazards of the cements typically used.
I can't recommend  anything. I'm posting these links so you can educate yourself and make a decision about what's best for your build.

The widely used #3 and #16 are available in 4oz cans and small tubes but their fumes are also hazardous.
the following links point to IPS Corp. web pages. You can download Technical Data Sheets and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for each product there.
0016 -
0003 -

One Non-toxic alternative is Limonene based cement. The plastic kit vendors are all offering products.

There are a couple of postings in the forum about them.!!-Please-read/page2&highlight=4807

it points to two non toxic cements by tamiya and testors
I don't have a current source for the tamiya msds

testors 3527c
for the msds

plastruct has a cement also
that page has both info on the cements and their MSDS's

you might want to test the Limonene based cements on some scrap styrene. I have no experience with them.
also, in comparison to the sci-grip adhesives all of the non-toxic ones are very expensive