New R2 Developments & Future Projects
New R2 Developments

A Dome Motivator for CS:L droids, based on the one in my CS:R NextGen frame bundle, is now available as a separate product. Although designed for styrene droids it should work for any droid where you have the space to mount the bracket that holds the motor. My thanks to Kevin Roche (kmr926) for testing the 2nd prototype.

The CNC shop that I'm working with can cut Engraved Skins!

With the cooperation of Paul Murphy (joymonkey), and permission from my BC rep Steele Smith, I'm offering CS:R Skins in the half wrap version. Their design is based on the posted CS:R skin files and is similar to what Paul originally offered. To handle the problems surrounding doors that open in single layer skins I've also designed a set of door backing plates, door frames, and hinges.

To dress up your new droid skin, while you accumulate the body parts you need, I've designed a set of “Pasties” to fill the void. Pasties are 1.6mm thick versions of body parts, like power couplings, etc., that substitute for the real parts. They are thin enough to easily bend to the curve of the skin. See the details here!

Future Projects
Here is a list of projects that I've been thinking about for a while now.

It's time for me to redesign my legs so that they are CS:R compatible and include the booster covers as part of the leg package. The new design will be backwards compatible with Media Conversion, and Dave Everett, style of fixed shoulders but also support the CS:R bolt pattern.

 I recently swapped a frame for a set of DKMurphys TeeCees Dome lights. So it's time for me to start working on the Styrene Dome I bought back in 2009 for motivation! First up will be a Dome ring utilizing 3D printed parts to mate with a variety of dome styles. That will be followed by a set of designs for 3D printed Dome parts. For example Front & Rear Logic Displays. The 3D printed holoprojector I showed off at DroidCon II is already available from a number of suppliers.

I've been asked to work up a CNC cut, egg crate version, of the R5 Dome design posted by Dave Everett Downloads -> 02-Derivatives -> R5-D4 Blueprints on the R2BC website. There are a number of inconsistent measurements in the published documents. When I resume working on the design I'll be posting questions on the forums.

Carrying R2 up (and down) a flight of stairs to my basement workshop, has made me realize that what I really need is Droid Dolly! While I can work in the un-insulated garage I live in NJ so winters & summers are uncomfortable at best. I've already located a widely available, inexpensive (~$26), dolly with 150 lbs load capacity that I think is a good starting point. Now to do the design that's
Inspired by the R2.0 Droid Skid, designed by Chris Reiff (Mr. Sparkle) and work done by R2-SR Droid Transport, My Take

What am I missing?
Send me email, ( fpirz at media dash conversions dot net ) to let me know what should take priority!
If you have a project that's not on the list tell me about it too!