The Outer Foot Shell

This is a preliminary design for the foot shell that goes with the 2-Wheel Scooter Motor Outer Foot Drive. It's designed to slip on over the drive and bolt to attachment points on the drive. The mating 3D Printed Battery Box with Cutouts then bolts to the shell/drive assembly.

The image links to a 3d pdf file, click on it if you want to be able to rotate the image around and examine it from other angles. (Note, the 3d.pdf file opens in a new window. If you have problems with the 3d feature you may have to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Reader).

The design drawings are available as both Autocad .dwg files, 3D .step files, and Adobe .pdf files download drawing files with the understanding that the drawings are copyright to Media-Conversions and are not to be used commercially. (That note also appears on each of the drawings). There is one set of drawings that covers both the drive and the shell. I've also put together a set of assembly instructions to help you put the box together. Unlike most of my styrene designs, the Outer Foot Drive has both mechanical  & electrical components to it that require some tinkering to adapt them to our purposes. See the Mechanical & Electrical Parts page for a descriptions and supplier information.
Please send me comments, questions, or suggestions on making the design better to me at: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net