Information Sources

The two primary sources for building information have to be the R2 Builder's Club yahoo group and the web pages.

Major Sites -
DroidWiki -
R2 Builders Yahoo Group -

Forum Sites
the RPF - Replica Prop Forum
R2BC Yahoo Group - R2BC forum
Astromechs Yahoo Group - Astromechs forum
NewEnglandR2Builders - New England R2 Builders Group

Individial Builder's Web pages & Blogs

Alex Kung's Web Pages - Alex Kung (Pix & Tutorials for A&A parts) - pixelFiend's (PF) web site
CNC and R2D2 - Wes Thierry - The Ultimate Building Blog
Bith's Droid - Bith - has long list of styrene build sites
Thomas' R5D4 - Calvin Thomas
Dave's r2d2 styrene build - Dave Royer
Bjorn's Blog - Björn Giesler
Sulla's Droid Building Blog -
Manuel Muster's R2-D2 Blog - Manuel Muster
astromech.norway - Therseus
R5D4Builder's Blog - R5D4Builder - Jerry Greene (JAG)
Paul's R2-D2 Project - Paul's blog
Using RoboteQ to bring a replica R2-D2 to life - Chris James
Victor's R2D2 Building Diary - Victor Franco's
Building an R2-D2 - electricalstorm
Don Jarr's Place - MIY (Make It Yourself)
Don's R6 Pages
R5-4M - Jason Renyolds blog
R2-D2 Building Blog - Matt Munson
Got Astromech? - Dan Uyesugi - Adventures in Droid Building
Mike Velcheck's R2-D2 Page - supplier for battery box hoses

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Painting - The Beginner's guide to Hypo Blue

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R2 Operator's Manual

Sabertooth 2x25 ESC

Pick your own R2 Color Scheme

Dome Hinge Servos
using the standard size servo from tower hobbies. 
using the Pololu servo controller there is 0% servo jitter with mine. No whine, no nothing.
The servo brackets are home grown. They are made from some 1/16" aluminum flat stock.
The linkage is the Dubro heavy duty set. JAG was nice enough to lay out all the parts needed in his PDF he sent out yesterday, or was it the day before... anyway... I didn't actually buy the parts he laid out, I bought some aluminum tubing and 4-40 and cut my own.
Here is the link to the Dubro set.

The Hitec HS-425BB is a standard size servo but features dual ball
bearings on the output shaft. Most servos like this have plastic
bushings which over time get sloppy while dual dual ball bearing servo
will remain very precise.
for a little more money is the HS-125MG. It has
dual ball bearings, metal gears, more power and is super thin. It is
also designed to mount flat so with the smaller size will fit great in
some tight spots. I really like this servo a lot.
You can get a Hitec servo chart here:

Dimensions (wrong? check!)
.5mm - 1/32th 
1mm - 1/16th
3mm - 1/8th

.030 for 1/32nd or 1/2mm thick
.060 for 1/16th or 1mm thick
.118 for 1/8th or 3mm thick

Weld-On Cements
Assembly Adhesives Selection Guide
Acrylic - 3 - non-flammable, also polystyrene
Acrylic - 4 - flammable, also polystyrene
Acrylic - 16 - non-flammable, also PVC, ABS, styrene
Styrene - 4807